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The Old Guard

Following a squad of eternal warriors on the run from a crazed pharmaceutical CEO intent on learning their secrets, Netflix’s The Old Guard takes a closer look at the downsides of immortality. THE THIRD FLOOR London provided previs and techvis to plan out climactic action sequences and determine how to efficiently shoot signature, story-driven moments….

August Newsletter

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NBA 2K21

Professional basketball is back and fans have even more to look forward to with NBA 2K21, the new installment in the popular 2K series of sports video games based on the National Basketball Association. THE THIRD FLOOR previs’d several in-game sequences to help Director Christian Papierniak visualize key locations that are simulated in the game,…

The Eight Hundred

Based on the 1937 Songhu Battle, The Eight Hundred tells the story of a battalion in the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, known as the “eight hundred warriors,” who defended the Sihang Warehouse on the Suzhou River, stopping the Japanese army from advancing. THE THIRD FLOOR cooperated with BangBang Pictures for six weeks to visualize the…

Lovecraft Country

Read to find out how THE THIRD FLOOR contributed to this road trip of a lifetime.

The One and Only Ivan

Read what TTF did for The One and Only Ivan!

July Newsletter

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Congratulations 2020 Emmy Nominations

Congratulations to our clients and collaborators on pushing the envelope to create HBO’s Watchmen and Disney+’s Mandalorian! From supporting the storytelling and filming of shots across The Mandalorian Season 1, to helping shape technically challenging scenes in the premiere episode of Watchmen, the entire team at THE THIRD FLOOR is proud to have contributed to…

Virtual Visualization Series – Postvis

In our previous Virtual Visualization segments, we have shown how previs and techvis are used to plan the most efficient and incredible shoots. And, we have unveiled virtual production tools and techniques that are enabling directors to shoot real and impossible worlds without ever having to travel. While the majority of the “visualization process” is…

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