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Me Time

01.23.2023 — Categories: , , ,

Stay-at-home dads reunite to venture off for a wild weekend in Netflix’s Me Time, featuring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. The Third Floor worked closely with Netflix VFX Supervisor Richard Baker to visualize a hilarious cliff diving sequence in postvis.

Starting with green screen photography of the actors alongside stunt performers, TTF created a 3D environment based on Moab, Utah, and used computer animation to create an illusion that the characters were diving off of cliffs. The visualization helped define the dynamic shots and daredevil action that Netflix was going for in the scene prior to final VFX creation.

Visualization Supervisor Geer Dubois notes, “The most challenging aspect of the project was crafting postvis shots that made Sully and Huck (Hart and Wahlberg, respectively) look like they were flying. To make sure our postvis camera angles looked realistic, Netflix VFX Supervisor Richard Baker gave us reference footage of daredevils jumping off of cliffs and flying using special wingsuits. Some of the reference footage was just incredible! There is a certain look that makes this sort of photography seem real and Richard wanted us to make sure what was being depicted in postvis looked like the real thing.”
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