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The View From The Third Floor: Janneke Vennema-Osborne

10.28.2022 — Categories: , ,

What is your name and what is your position at TTF?

Janneke Vennema-Osborne – Sr. Visualisation Coordinator

How long have you been with TTF?

I just hit my 3 year mark at TTF this month! 

What does your role look like day to day?

I started coordinating a show in July that required me being at the studios pretty much full time, so my day to day work has definitely had a big shift in the last few months. We are a full time Virtual Production team in London, with Previs taking place in LA, so my day to day now includes coordinating the team in the preparation for VCAM sessions with directors, DoPs, Art Department and anyone else that may require coming in to use our tools and then ensuring the session deliverables are received by the client on time. These sessions can often look very different from one another, from blocking out storyboards, to doing a pre-lighting scout of the stage and set or even exploring the possibilities and technicalities of capturing specific shots using a wirecam rig or a specific technocrane. All are unique and take different amounts of scheduling, prep time, note taking and post session delivery. 

We are now also deep into Cyclops prep ahead of upcoming shoot days, so I am involved in tracking the progress of this and liaising with the client for their specific needs and requests, receiving feedback and delegating work accordingly to the team. 

More recently, I was required to take a 3D scan of one of the sets, in order for the team to complete some high priority Techvis request. These are definitely some of the more unique and exciting tasks I have to do! 

The VFX team and directors have a busy and constantly shifting schedule, so I am continuously reacting and adapting to this to make sure we stay on track. The variation of my daily tasks makes things fun and keeps things interesting! 

What led you to work in the visualization and entertainment industry?

My dad works as an on-set sound mixer in TV, so I have been exposed to the industry from a very young age and was lucky to be able to do some work experience on shows as a runner and a trainee script supervisor. When I graduated university I got myself a job as a runner at Framestore and shortly after I saw an available position at TTF and after having seen the amazing work they had done, I immediately applied. A few weeks later I got the job and over the years at TTF I discovered and pursued the role of a production coordinator. 

What is your favorite part about working for TTF? AND/OR your role

Other than working on some incredible shows, the company culture and the people is what drives me to keep working and enjoying my job everyday! I have never worked in such a warm, supportive, friendly and more importantly fun environment. There is a huge focus on having a good work life balance, and this I believe pushes people to work harder and motivate each other to do the best they can everyday. 

My favourite part of my role has always been the meetings and discussions I have with the Directors, DoPs, VFX Supervisors and our amazing Visualisation Supervisors and teams at TTF. Being involved in the creative conversations with these incredible people and being able to see the development of these productions from Previs, Techvis and through to Postvis has always been and will continue to be very rewarding. Previously, when working on a Previs show, I really enjoyed sitting in editorial reviews and seeing a sequence come together and now working at the studios in Virtual Production, being able to learn and use the incredible VP tools TTF have built, has been a fun and exciting new challenge. 

What advice would you give someone looking to get into this industry?

If you didn’t do any studies or get any qualifications within the industry don’t worry. I didn’t, and here I am! I studied Psychology and Anthropology at  University but knew when I graduated that my passions were in this Industry. My advice would be to meet and speak to as many people as you can. Getting a job as a runner is a great starting point. Don’t be afraid to ask LOTS of questions! Find out more about your interests and passions and ask for advice from other people. We have all been in that position before and from my experience, people are always willing to chat and help. Without the continuous conversations I have had, I wouldn’t have found an interest in Coordinating and exploring my path and development within Production. 

Biggest milestone at TTF / How have you grown here

I started at TTF as a Personal Assistant/ Office Assistant, so still my biggest milestone is working on my first show as coordinator. I worked with an incredible team on my first show and learnt the skills necessary to become a great coordinator from some amazing people. Now 2 years later from my first show, I am at the studios working on an incredible production with an amazing team, working directly alongside the Producers, Directors, DoPs, Art Department and so many more amazing and talented people and learning so much about Virtual Production and its capabilities. 

What’s your favorite creative outlet? 

Cooking and music. Often paired together! I spend a lot of my free time in the kitchen listening to music, dancing and testing out new recipes. It’s always been a way for me to destress and unwind. 

Are you doing anything at the moment to grow and develop your skills? 

As of recently, I have been exploring and teaching myself Unreal Engine. Most of the work my team has been doing uses Unreal, so I thought I would take it upon myself to learn how to use and navigate my way around it too. It has already proved hugely beneficial, as we often get requests from the VFX team at the studios to come by to quickly see an environment and ask me questions. I am now able to show them myself, rather than asking someone on the team to help assist with this request. It has also allowed me to review updates done by the team in LA or those working remotely in London or show and brief people on notes we have received without the need for others to help with Unreal navigation. 

If not London/LA, where?

The Netherlands. I am half Dutch and all of my extended family live in the Netherlands, so I would love to be able to live and work there, even for a short period of time! 

Describe what you were like as a 10 year old

I was always quite a quiet child and kept myself to myself. You’d often find me baking, making jewelry or helping my dad out with something around the house that needed fixing or building. If I wasn’t doing those things, my older sister would be writing plays and bossing me and my younger sister around to perform them for our parents. We have plenty of hilarious home videos of these performances. We even have a short film we made when I was about 10 or 11, about a girl who makes friends with a ghost. Maybe I will have to do a screening someday….

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you? 

Jodie Comer!

People would be surprised if they knew…

I once took part in an acapella competition. Think Pitch Perfect but very, VERY low budget. We had to do cringey dance moves and wear matching outfits. I still don’t know if I am extremely proud or hugely embarrassed…

TV Show/Film you’re ashamed to admit you love! 

Vampire Diaries….don’t judge me! 

Go-to karaoke song

I am ashamed to say I have never done karaoke before and it’s not top of my list of things to do either. So unfortunately I don’t have a go-to karaoke song. 


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