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The View From The Third Floor: Lauren Moore

Meet Chief of Staff, Lauren Moore!

The Third Floor Launches Animation Group!

The Third Floor Launches Animation Group and Tools to Produce Stylized, Cinema-Quality Final Animation in Game Engine. New production pipeline will allow creative animation content to be completed with substantially less rendering time.

Red Notice

The Third Floor visualized key scenes for Netflix’s international crime-themed feature Red Notice. Artists in Los Angeles worked closely with Director Rawson Marshall Thurber to depict the creative vision from script pages, boards and filmmaker directives. TTF worked on sequences from a prison break to a bull fight to a chase across Rome. For scenes…

The Witcher Season 2

Picking up where season one ended, the second season of The Witcher is as absorbing as ever. You can catch the evolving narrative and intricate character developments unfold on Netflix now! The epic story of misfits finding their power and their belonging with one another will have you at the edge of your seat in…


Asgard’s infamous God of Mischief takes center stage in Marvel’s episodic series Loki on Disney +.  The Third Floor’s Los Angeles, Atlanta and London studios together provided previs, techvis and postvis across Season 1, working with the show team of Director Kate Herron, Cinematographer Autumn Durald Arkapaw, VFX Supervisor Luke McDonald, VFX Supervisor Dan Deleeuw…

The View From The Third Floor: Ashlin Green

What is your name and what is your position at TTF? Ashlin Green, Line Producer How long have you been with TTF? 6 months What does your role look like day to day? Being an LP is a many-splendored thing! Take your pick! For me, the best part of my day is the team catch-ups…

A Boy Called Christmas

Over the holiday season 2021, A Boy Called Christmas (Studio Canal/Netflix) sprinkled some magical cheer into our living rooms. The Third Floor London supported creative and technical visualization of key scenes in this Father Christmas origin story. Through work ranging from previs and techvis to postvis, TTF artists worked closely with Director Gil Kenan and…

The Third Floor London Establishes New Soho Studio

The Third Floor London has established a new permanent studio in central Soho. Sparked by the rapid growth of the company’s UK team and project slate, the expansion supports The Third Floor as London continues to take on new and exciting scopes of work across a range of real-time visualization and virtual production. The London…


In the 2021 cinematic film based on the Frank Herbert novel, Dune (Warner Bros. Pictures) brings epic visual storytelling and action to audiences as Paul Atreides navigates the galactic empire and ventures towards an uncharted destiny. The Third Floor Los Angeles worked with Director Denis Villeneuve and VFX Supervisor Paul Lambert to help visualize a…

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