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The Third Floor Designs for the Metaverse

09.01.2022 — Categories: , , ,

The Third Floor is pleased to announce a collaboration with contemporary artist Krista Kim, creator of Mars House and the Continuum Tour and a visionary architect of emerging experiences in the Metaverse. The collaboration will include working in tandem on a next generation of Mars House, which was designed by Kim in 2020 and became the first-ever digital NFT sold home.

The Third Floor will lend its background in modeling cinematic backdrops and visual narratives for television, film, theme park and video game projects to achieve and amplify new virtual design and synthesized experiences that Kim and [0] Metaverse Studio have planned on an infinite plane. The Third Floor’s tools and field expertise in translating locations and environments into the virtual world and facilitating collaboration and creative work through immersive VR and collaborative AR will be leveraged as well.

“I’m thrilled to be working with The Third Floor as we construct the next evolution of Metaverse experiences in Mars House. Their command of the art of 3D modeling and animation to represent stories in the real world and within hundreds of created worlds that we’ve seen in movies, television and games of all genres is impressive. They have also been creatively engineering VR and AR technologies that change the way we can visualize and interact with people, places and things around us. I love their brand of innovation and am excited to work together on projects that aim to transcend conventional platforms and establish a new nexus of art, entertainment, commerce, and social media.” – Krista Kim, Contemporary Artist and Founder of the Techism movement


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