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Chimera is an exciting new way to visualize and conceptualize sets in the design, review, and early build process. Using Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality (AR) glasses, Chimera lets users view virtual designs of proposed sets while at the same time seeing and collaborating with each other as they would for traditional set design reviews.

With Chimera, you can facilitate the set model review process using a virtual model that you and others view with AR glasses. Everyone is still standing around a real table, but now the model of the set is virtually on the table for everyone with the AR glasses to see. There is a lot more you can do with the virtual model that can’t be done with a traditional physical model. An operator can adjust the virtual model in real time. CG extensions or any parts in the model can be turned on or off to get a better view. Any part of the set can be moved, rotated, and scaled – walls, pillars, ceilings, you name it. An exciting bonus is that you can size the model up to real-life scale. Now everyone is standing virtually in the model. You truly understand the scale of the set and can physically walk around in the virtual model all the while easily collaborating with colleagues.

Chimera is a powerful tool when “taping-out” a set on stage or location prior to starting construction. You can walk onto the stage with Chimera and view the virtual set model in real scale aligned with the tape-out. Now key personnel and decision makers can walk the full length of the set, seeing where everything will be built and what it will look like. Just like with the model review process, you can have an Operator turn on/off CG extensions and manipulate parts of the virtual set live.

With Chimera everyone is viewing all the changes live at the same time, and since it’s a shared AR experience, you can still see all your other collaborators and interact with them naturally. All changes are recorded and can be incorporated into updated set designs.

More Uses:

– View and consider CG elements that won’t physically be present when shooting. This can be CG set extensions, creatures, vehicles, with or without animation. This is similar to simulcam but works with AR glasses that users wear.

– Walk around the set while seeing the complete world that will be created later in post. Give key creatives and actors a better idea of what and where the action of storytelling VFX elements like characters or creatures will be.


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