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The Boys Season 3

09.13.2022 — Categories: , ,

The Boys are back on Amazon Prime Video with new villainy in Season 3!  The Third Floor worked alongside VFX Supervisor Stephen Fleet to help the team realize a now-infamous scene with a yet-unmatched gruesome, yet comedic tone.

The opening sequence of Season 3, Episode 1 “Payback” was worked on by Visualization Supervisor Jason Thielen and a group of TTF artists to help visualize what Showrunner Eric Kriptke called as the show’s “craziest opening 15 minutes ever seen.” Thielen notes:  “The sequence involves the character Termite, who can size up and down to different heights. His actions are most definitely of the world of The Boys, requiring animation blocking and scale changes for an over-the-top storypoint that continues the show’s bar for the unexpected like the whale scene in Season 2 that we also worked on.”

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