Julien Fourvel

Previs Supervisor

Julien graduated from ESMA (Montpellier-France) in 2009. His first project was co-directing a short movie called “Get Out” which won a number of awards, including Imagina 2010 in Monaco. He started in the VFX industry as Matchmover for Dneg and moved into Animation on two feature films, before transferring to their previs team for a year. After working on The Dark Knight Rises with one of our other TTFL supervisors, Faraz, Julien joined TTFL at the end of 2012 to work on Edge of Tomorrow, and has been with us ever since. Although Julien’s specialty was Animation for a time, he is an excellent VFX generalist.

Select Credits
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Postvis/Previs lead)
Wonder Woman (Senior Previs Artist)
Game of Thrones S6 (Senior Previs Artist)
Game of Thrones S5 (Mid Previs Artist)
Avengers: Age of Ultron (Mid Previs Artist)
Edge of Tomorrow (Mid Previs Artist)


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