Charlotte Nelson


Charlotte originally studied Architecture back in U.K. Her first job was as an Architectural Visualizer using Maya 4! With more than 5 years as a visualization artist she has an excellent understanding of the technical and creative challenges faced by the teams on a daily basis. Working for a small studio she applied her Project management skills and developed strong client relationships, which naturally led her to take on a Production role. For the next few years she worked as a Directors Assistant on an Independent Film, an Events Manager in Dubai and a Junior Commercial Producer, before finally landing on her feet in VFX.

Charlotte joined The Third Floor London team back in 2012 from MPC (with VFX credits on movies such as Harry Potter & Sherlock Holmes). Most of her first year with the company was spent with a team in the rain at Pinewood studios working on Disney’s Maleficent, followed by a cold Montreal Winter in the snow for X-men: Days of Future Past. Charlotte jumped at the opportunity to join the TTF Los Angeles office as an Associate Production Manager, working across multiple shows in the sunshine!

Charlotte was promoted to Head of Production two years ago. In this role she has supported the delivery of 2 VR experiences, 5 TV series, 16 theme park rides, 20 commercials and over 40 movies to date! A proud member of the Visual Effects Society and professional attendee of the San Diego Comic Con each year, Charlotte loves what she does and feels privileged to be part of such a fantastic industry. “We not only get to work on the coolest projects, but we get to work with the most amazing and talented Directors, Supervisors and Producers every day. It doesn’t feel like work to me!”


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