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02.10.2022 — Categories: , , ,

The Third Floor Beijing has contributed to the launch trailer of Tencent Games’ newest edition of the video game CrossFire.

Artists worked with the client to previsualize shots at the early creative stage of the project, putting ideas in motion and providing a representation of the creative vision that built upon 2D storyboards.

Through the previs work, the client was able to advance and iterate on many different aspects of the creative treatment – character bios, scene geography, character placement, character acting, scene timing and camera cinematography, prior to commencing final trailer production.

The previsualization phase also helped bring out ideas and visual directions that could be communicated and engaged with across the creative and production teams.

The visual templates and narrative established by the client through previs and shared with key collaborators also helped smooth and accelerate post production as other contributors produced final shots.



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