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02.10.2022 — Categories: , , ,

In the 2021 cinematic film based on the Frank Herbert novel, Dune (Warner Bros. Pictures) brings epic visual storytelling and action to audiences as Paul Atreides navigates the galactic empire and ventures towards an uncharted destiny. The Third Floor Los Angeles worked with Director Denis Villeneuve and VFX Supervisor Paul Lambert to help visualize a number of notable sci-fi sequences through previs and postvis. 

One of the scenes TTF worked on was the Harkonnen attack on Arrakeen. Visualization was used to develop flight, landing and firing paths for the assault ships. R&D was used to help show the trajectories of slow-moving bombs and the look of turrets coming out of the ground. Visualization artists also created postvis comps to depict crowd extensions and massive armies within photographed plates.

Visualization Supervisor Nick Markel notes, “From a sci-fi perspective, there’s so much history with Dune. It was amazing to work on this project with Denis where I could absolutely geek out. Being part of their collaborative creative process, seeing dailies come in, and on top of that it’s Dune – incredible! It’s a thrill to contribute to something of this scale and to work with such a talented group of people.”


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