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The Mandalorian Season 2

10.30.2020 — Categories: , ,

Hold onto your helmets! The Mandalorian has returned on Disney+, launching one of the industry’s most innovative series into its second season.

THE THIRD FLOOR was a key collaborator in Season 1, working with the producers and Lucasfilm to visualize entire episodes in pre-production. The virtual blocking helped the  production crew plan the filming process, which streamlined and informed many aspects of final production.

In Season 2, THE THIRD FLOOR innovated a new visualization pipeline to harness best-in-class animation and modeling with next-level speed and visual fidelity through the use of Unreal Engine. This adaptation accelerated the virtual blocking process to enable real-time design, exploration, character direction and camera framing.

Assets and action could be blocked out and iterated upon more rapidly than with traditional animated previs by leveraging a suite of real-time tools, including wireless motion capture and virtual cameras.

In the virtual world of previs, shots could again be spotted for framing in the ILM Stagecraft LED volume, and THE THIRD FLOOR’s artists also helped meticulously plan backlot filming requirements as well as helicopter and drone plate shoots through techvis schematics. As in Season 1, the team’s motion control and techvis was used to synchronize motion base rigs and cameras for multiple vehicle, creatures, and stunt shoots. THE THIRD FLOOR’s AR app “Cyclops” was also used to visualize set extensions and creatures on set.

Stream The Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney+ with new episodes starting October 30th!



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