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Apex Legends Season 7

11.09.2020 — Categories: , ,

Electronic Arts’ popular battle royale, Apex Legends, cranks up the action in Season 7, promoted by a new trailer again previs’d entirely by THE THIRD FLOOR. This season’s newest hero, Horizon, an astrophysicist with some out-of-this-world abilities, takes the front seat in a dynamic showcase of the battle royale’s newest map, Olympus.

THIRD FLOOR artists were given exact in-game assets to work with in previs. Artists quickly found ways to accommodate the larger-sized assets in the workflow and further speed up delivery of previs shots.

“The trailer was shot over the entire Olympus game map. With the number of polygons reaching the equivalent of a small city inside of our Maya previs, we needed a solution. We divided the environment into GPU-cached sections — creating a lighter ‘proxy’ version of the original,” explained supervisor Shawn Hull, THE THIRD FLOOR LA. “The GPU Cache method allowed us to utilize the exact in-game models, while freeing us to frame shots within sprawling, action-packed scenes, ultimately making for a fast turnaround for our client.”

Check out Horizon, Olympus and the many more additions to Season 7, out now.

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