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Virtual Visualization Series – Pitchvis & Previs

04.06.2020 — Categories: , ,

For more than 15 years, THE THIRD FLOOR has used virtual tools and workflows to help top creators design ambitious feature films, TV series, video games and theme park attractions. The art form of visualization is as exciting and boundless as an artist’s imagination, so we’re launching a Virtual Visualization Series to help demystify the process step by step.

In this first of many installments, we’re tackling the fundamentals of previsualization, and explaining how pitchvis can be used to grow support for any concept or story.

What is Pitchvis?

Pitchvis enables directors and designers to quickly produce an animated preview of their “take” on an IP for use during pitches and fundraising. Compelling pitchvis trailers instill confidence in the vision and encourages stakeholders to support and ultimately green-light projects.



What is Previs?

Previsualization, or previs for short, is the foundation of the complete Visualization Process. It’s a virtual sandbox for creatives and other crew to explore creative ideas, including staging, camera composition, editing and lighting, long before the final product is attempted. Previs gives directors and producers incredible foresight; they can hone in on ideal solutions, and realize them on-set and in post much more efficiently.

Jumanji: Next Level Previs Shot


Jumanji: Next Level Final Shot


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