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The Aeronauts

11.06.2019 — Categories: , ,

Step inside a hot air balloon and soar the skies above 19th century London in Amazon Studios’ visually wondrous The Aeronauts, featuring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones as daredevil balloonists under the direction of Tom Harper.

THE THIRD FLOOR’S team led by Visualization Supervisor Jason Wen contributed previs and techvis for some of the film’s key sequences. Artists visualized the airborne turmoil, figuring out which shots could be shot on stage and which could be shot for real, creating polished previs that focused on balloon animation, camera and lighting.

“The biggest challenge was keeping the movement of the balloon and camera relatively realistic and based on what could be achieved with the accurate curvature of the earth. To achieve this, we modeled the earth to scale and then built different versions of the sky and earth to represent the different altitudes outlined in the script,” said Wen.

The team then used techvis to reverse-engineer shots to work within the parameters of the studio shoot, informing the best live setup plan several shots that were planned to be captured via helicopter.

Entertainment One will give the film a full UK theatrical release on 4 November including screenings in 4DX and IMAX. Amazon Studios will release the film on 6 December for a limited US theatrical run, before debuting it on Amazon Prime Video worldwide on 20 December 2019

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