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The Mandalorian

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In a galaxy far, far away, a lone bounty hunter from the planet Mandalore (Pedro Pascal) operates beyond the reaches of the New Republic. The Mandalorian, produced by Jon Favreau, follows a Fett-inspired character of “questionable moral character” through the Star Wars underworld.

For the inaugural Disney+ series, THE THIRD FLOOR helped visualize the story and shot structure end to end across each episode in previs.

“Every scene was mapped out shot-for-shot with sound effects and dialogue,” said Visualization Supervisor Chris Williams, THE THIRD FLOOR. “It was an amazing process for the development of ideas and approaches by the 6 episode directors alongside the creative producers. We visualized more than 4000 shots, also helping inform the filming of in-camera shots captured using 4K projections in a large-scale capture volume.”

The show’s numerous ground-breaking techniques — from capturing backgrounds using large-format LED screens to innovations with motion bases, motion capture and immersive lighting, are paving the way for new benchmarks and workflows for production.

“Work on The Mandalorian has really advanced future production, especially for visualization,” added Williams.  “We’ve designed a real-time game engine pipeline that will be a major part of the visualization toolset moving ahead.” 

The Mandalorian launches  November 12th on Disney+.

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