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Happy 15th Anniversary to THE THIRD FLOOR!

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Happy 15th Anniversary TTF!

Last week marked 15 years since THE THIRD FLOOR was born on the “third floor” of George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch house.  On October 14, 2004 the Founders took the chance to form an artist-centric studio, dedicated to helping visionary creators all around the world:
“We are incredibly thankful for everyone who encouraged us, worked alongside us, and believed in our cause.  Without all of your talents, love and support, none of this would have been possible.” – Chris Edwards
In honor of this momentous occasion, we celebrated with a surprise party for the Founders at our Los Angeles headquarters — Take a look at the highlights!

Founders Eric Carney, Nick Markel, Chris Edwards, Barry Howell & his daughter, and Josh Wassung give updates on what’s been happening behind-the-scenes at TTF.

Surprises included a cake complete with semi-legal firecrackers.

TTF-ers gathered to congratulate the founders with a giant card.


Founders Family pic!

“Very many congratulations on 15 years of blockbuster visualization… May the force be with you in the next 15!”
TTF London sent over this nostalgic card featuring the Founders and some faintly familiar faces.


Congratulations to the Founders and to the entire TTF team!
Here’s to 15 more glorious years of Viz!


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