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The Old Guard

09.07.2020 — Categories: , , ,

Following a squad of eternal warriors on the run from a crazed pharmaceutical CEO intent on learning their secrets, Netflix’s The Old Guard takes a closer look at the downsides of immortality. THE THIRD FLOOR London provided previs and techvis to plan out climactic action sequences and determine how to efficiently shoot signature, story-driven moments.

One pivotal action sequence TTF worked on, dubbed “Leap of Faith” started in a highrise penthouse and ended with a character jumping out and onto the street below.

“We had virtually no concept art, the only thing we had to go on was one picture of the building. As the whole sequence took place at the back of that we designed the look of everything, from inside of the penthouse to the exterior, including the characters,” explained Lina Kouznetsova, London Supervisor, THE THIRD FLOOR. “Later we received five photographs of how the client wanted the backstreets to look like and made changes accordingly.”

The Old Guard was a female-centric production, accounting for 85% of those employed, including director Gina Prince-Bythewood, cinematographer Tami Reiker, and VFX supervisor Sara Bennet.

“Working with so many talented women was an incredible opportunity, and I am very happy to have been a part of the project,” reminisced Kouznetsova. “There are so many talented female directors, producers, editors and more out there and it’s great to see the industry taking steps towards inclusiveness.”

You can weigh the pros and cons of immortality now with The Old Guard on Netflix.


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