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The Boys Season 2

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Superheroes beware!  Butcher and his band of vigilantes are back for a new season of The Boys (Amazon Prime Video).  Collaborating with the show team and VFX Supervisor Stephan Fleet, THE THIRD FLOOR LA helped the production plan out approaches and technical requirements for several demanding scenes.

“In Episode 3, we worked on an action sequence in which The Boys are rushing away in a speedboat, being pursued by The Deep.  The scene ends in a grotesque moment as their boat rams into a whale,” explained Jourdan Biziou, LA Supervisor, THE THIRD FLOOR.  “It was extremely fun to visualize and definitely not a sequence you get to do every day.”

Working with Director Steve Boyum, THE THIRD FLOOR mapped out the scene conceptually, using techvis to represent angles of coverage and gear that would be needed to film them.  This led to a production plan based on two shooting units, one in a helicopter and the other on the water to follow alongside the speedboat through the chase and up until impact.

“Through visualization, we were able to test ideas and revise them with the team and key departments until there was a good gameplan,” Biziou said.  “You can communicate what’s needed in a complex scene like this and bring together everyone’s insights.”

THE THIRD FLOOR was also tapped to visualize a shoot that would involve eyebeam effects and multiple extras.

“Homelander is known for his destructive and precise eye lasers,” mentioned Nick Markel, LA Supervisor, THE THIRD FLOOR. “We created previs to help the team quickly arrive at shooting setups that could be used to get the specific timings and reactions they wanted within the crowd.”

Catch the second season of The Boys on Amazon Instant Video today, with new episodes added every Friday.  Read more about the making of the whale sequence here:

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