Shawn Hull

Sr. Visualization Supervisor

2016 VES Nominee for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography, The Walk

Shawn’s career began as an animator and designer for television at a production studio in Northern California. During his eleven years with the company he became the Production Designer for every project ranging from animation, compositing, interactive, and print. After graduating from Animation Mentor where he studied character animation, story, and cinematography, Shawn was hired by the top previs studio in the world, The Third Floor.

Shawn led a team of animators for World War Z in London for a first-time collaborative project with Framestore that led to a joint venture partnership that is now The Third Floor: London.

While working with Robert Zemeckis on Flight, Shawn helped visualize challenging camera moves within the gimballed aircraft fuselage using virtual cameras inside a CG reproduction. Shawn also helped develop an original multi-camera sequence that became a three-minute long choreographed camera and character animation shot after presenting the idea to Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity.

Select Credits:
Suicide Squad (Supervisor)
Warcraft: The Beginning (Supervisor)
The Walk
Black Sails (Episodes 1, 4, 5, 7, 8)
Flight (Supervisor)
Nissan, three commercial ad campaign “Wouldn’t it be Cool” (Supervisor)


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