Joshua Wassung

Founder / CCO
Visualization Supervisor

2012 VES Nominee for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography, Total Recall

As Co-Founder of The Third Floor, Joshua has closely collaborated with directors such as Marc Forster, DJ Caruso, and Steven Spielberg, pre-visualizing a variety of blockbuster films including: War Horse (2011), Ready Player One (2018), and Christopher Robin (2018). Joshua believes in serving the story first by creating sequences that have strong clarity while evoking an emotional connection with the audience.

Joshua made his directorial debut with the VR animated adventure Raising a Rukus (2017).

Joshua was homeschooled while growing up in south Florida. He moved to California to work his first job at Lucasfilm where he met the other Third Floor founders. Joshua enjoys photographing his 4 year old son’s antics, and riding his horse — sometimes at the same time.

Select Credits:
Raising a Rukus (Director)
The BFG (Creative Director)
Hercules (Supervisor)
Total Recall (Supervisor)
War Horse (Supervisor)
I Am Number Four (Co-Supervisor)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Supervisor)
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (previs)



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