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04.07.2022 — Categories: , ,

Based on the action-adventure videogame, Uncharted (Sony Pictures) takes audiences on an epic feature-film treasure hunt around the globe. Collaborating with Director Ruben Fleischer and VFX Supervisor Chas Jarrett, The Third Floor contributed to the movie, visualizing multiple scenes to help represent creative ideas and technical approaches across pre-production, production and post.

Through previs and stuntvis, The Third Floor’s work facilitated virtual blocking of stage layouts and “gags” for many edge-of-your-seat sequences and escape scenes. Major set pieces like the pirate ship battle in the sky were extensively visualized to meet the filmmaker’s vision for dynamic shots that were yet realistic to physics. Notes Visualization Supervisor Nick Markel, “This scene in the third act was a signature part of this project but also posted a key challenge. Part of the work was visualizing cool ways for helicopters to carry old Spanish galleons while still making the shots feel original and believable. It was lot of fun to collaborate with the filmmakers on this.”

Another notable collaboration saw TTF working with the filmmakers to visualize flow of action and camera leading into a scene where the heroes set off a chain reaction that causes an underground chamber to fill with water. TTF previs’d the series of events that lead up to this moment, with artists creating ‘vis in game engine to add to the realism of the imagined scene.


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