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Red Notice

03.18.2022 — Categories: , , ,

The Third Floor visualized key scenes for Netflix’s international crime-themed feature Red Notice. Artists in Los Angeles worked closely with Director Rawson Marshall Thurber to depict the creative vision from script pages, boards and filmmaker directives. TTF worked on sequences from a prison break to a bull fight to a chase across Rome.

For scenes like the fast-paced bunker escape through Argentinian mineshafts, the previs process was used to help block story and action, as the filmmakers played up both the danger and comedy of the situation surrounding the characters. “This scene was particularly challenging due to multiple mini storylines that the filmmakers were interweaving through these beats. The previs pass helped make clear how to focus the main narrative while continuing to give each character their own comedic and action moments” Visualization Supervisor Todd Constantine remarked.

The entire film traverses both comedy and suspense, striking  a perfect balance of humor and danger, often at the same time. “The thing I found the most fun working on this project was being able to brainstorm ideas with the director (as he was also the writer) as we collaborated to bring out his vision of the film in previs” Constantine added.


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