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Ron’s Gone Wrong

12.06.2021 — Categories: , , ,

A story of mutual friendship between an awkward youngster and his “best-friend-out-of-a-box” robot, Ron’s Gone Wrong (20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation) breaks onto the family film scene this year.

The Third Floor had a hand in the creation of this animated beauty, with its London studio providing previs across several sequences. Working closely with Producer Sarah Smith and Directors JP Vine and Ocatavio Rodriguez, artists helped illustrate the filmmakers’ ideas using previs as the team developed flow and camera choices to support the storyline. Artists also provided a platform through which the film team could explore visual language through colour, lighting, fx stylisation and animation prior to their production process.

The three key sequences The Third Floor worked on involved crowds of characters moving through frame over a number of shots. It was possible to visualize these different character sets and their paths through camera quickly and efficiently using The Third Floor’s internal previs crowd tool.

“It was a pleasure for me and our team to have been a part of such a fun and engaging movie!” said Visualization Supervisor Pete McDonald, The Third Floor London.  “Each and every shot is packed with creativity and there are so many  ambitious ideas, as well as out loud laughs to be had. It was amazing to have been a collaborator across the workflow the studios used as they produced these exciting, unique, funny, complex and polished sequences.”



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