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THE THIRD FLOOR Receives 2021 Lumiere Award!

03.30.2021 — Categories: , ,

The Advanced Imaging Society today announced winners of the 11th Annual Entertainment Technology Lumiere Awards, recognizing technical achievements that are currently accelerating the entertainment industry. THE THIRD FLOOR is thrilled and honored to have received a 2021 AIS Lumiere Award for the company’s AR app Cyclops!

Cyclops is a streamlined simulcam solution, able to be deployed on hand-held devices. Using Cyclops, filmmakers and their teams can easily visualize CG assets at a real set or location and get a sense of the VFX action being shot.

Cyclops uses augmented reality and Unreal game engine to track and show overlays of digital characters or elements and the physical environment in real time. Cyclops composites VFX objects on top of the live video coming from the rear-facing mobile camera and, while offering capabilities similar to simulcam, runs entirely on the hand-held display.

“We are so excited to be honored by the Advanced Imaging Society for The Third Floor’s work on our AR app Cyclops,” said THE THIRD FLOOR Co-Founder & VFX Supervisor Eric Carney. “Cyclops started as a passion project for me. When out on sets and location scouts, I wanted a better way to help department heads and crew see the VFX magic that would be added in post. Tennis balls on sticks only get you so far. We built Cyclops so that everyone had an easy-to-use tool to visualize storytelling VFX components in the context of the real-world shoot.”

Cyclops has recently been used in the field on projects such as The Mandalorian.

THE THIRD FLOOR would like to congratulate our development team for Cyclops — and all of this year’s Lumiere Award recipients for technical excellence and ingenuity!

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