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Wonder Woman 1984

12.25.2020 — Categories: , ,

1984… a great year for disco and dystopian authors proves to be less relaxing for Diana Prince, a.k.a Wonder Woman. With the Cold War silently ravaging on, Diana reconnects with a “lost” love while fending off new foes.

Again collaborating with Director Patty Jenkins, THE THIRD FLOOR London was tapped to visualize ideas from story development through shooting and post production in scenes throughout the film.

“In previs, we ran the gamut from developing looks for Diana’s evolving powers to conceptualizing shots and flow of action for key scenes,” mentioned PM Brett Grisham, THE THIRD FLOOR LONDON.

One grand-scale sequence extensively visualized by THE THIRD FLOOR is the Opening Games prologue.

“After working the scene in previs, we produced techvis to help detail the moves and setups for physical cameras and the production’s impressive practical sets.  We continued to visualize a sense of the action in postvis by combining photographed plates and stunts,” mentioned Visualization Lead and Assistant Supervisor Matthew Smart, THE THIRD FLOOR London.

Techvis work extended to multiple other scenes, including the Compound Fight and Open Road.

“Techvis was a huge part of this project,” remarked Grisham. “We simulated sun paths and shadows to help guide work on set and on location, bluescreen placements and camera layouts for the entire Compound Fight along with motion matches for Open Road and layout guidance for stunt rig flying shoots.”

You can relive the 80s when Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day!


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