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Mad Factory

08.21.2018 — Categories: , ,

Welcome to the factory!

Designed specifically for VR Arcades, Mad Factory is now open for business! A fast-paced, and infinitely replayable VR experience, Mad Factory is five minutes of original, frantic fun for everyone. Its visually rich world, intuitive interactions and innovative gameplay will delight a wide range of VR players, from ages 8 up. It’s perfect for birthday parties, date nights, and playing with friends and family. Even people who think they don’t like VR ask to play Mad Factory again!

So, immerse yourself in a retro-future world, where you’re the new hire on the floor of the universe’s finest cookie factory. There you can discover flying robots, mechanical chickens, and waterfalls of cascading milk. And in a race against time, players must pull levers and turn dials to bake, frost and deliver custom cookies to earn top scores on the leaderboard.

The challenges you face in the factory will become increasingly demanding. Can you keep your cool, and deliver the goods in this addictive, interactive VR game?

Mad Factory was conceived, developed and produced entirely in-house in London, UK by members of The Third Floor Immersive team.
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