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Before and After: Warcraft

09.11.2016 — Categories: , , , ,

The Third Floor was stoked to work again with our friends at Blizzard and Legendary on the long-waited Warcraft movie.

The Third Floor visualized some 30 sequences for Warcraft, collaborating closely with director Duncan Jones and visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer and their teams.

Check out our before (previs) and after (final) shots:

A caption could go in here.

TTF also provided postvis, virtual production prep and techvis to support the clients in choreographing action sequences, camera movement, and assist in the human-to-orc scale approach.

Artists used facial capture together with full-body motion capture to give the film’s CG characters a realistic feel during the postvis process.

Bill described the postvis process in Moviemaker:

“Immediately Third Floor started working on that while we were still shooting. Their post-production process could take the actual motion capture data—we’d select the takes and give it to them, and they’d give us back plates with the orcs in the appropriate place for that.”

Warcraft comes out on Digital HD September 13, 2016.


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