Paul Koontz

Visualization Supervisor

Paul is one of The Third Floor’s more technical supervisors. His passion for helping directors meet and achieve their vision, combined with the love of collaborating on a team of artists, is what continues to propel him forward in the world of visualization. He is often called upon to bring to life some of the most daunting and far-reaching visuals a show has to offer. He started in visual effects after getting his BA at Cal State San Bernardino. Paul worked and studied in many different fields throughout his education, ranging from traditional fine arts to sales, helping him become a well-rounded professional.

Having an insatiable appetite for learning, Paul continued his education in modeling, rigging, tracking, composting, and animation, ultimately leading to supervising at The Third Floor. To stay up to date, he spends many hours learning new techniques and technologies, including Unreal Engine and Virtual Production. Paul’s credits include; Thor: Ragnarok, Rampage, Christopher Robin, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


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