Nick Markel

Founder /
Visualization Supervisor

Nick is one of the Founders at The Third Floor. He began his studies at Michigan State University and later transferred to Vancouver Film School. It was at VFS that he created the short film “Levis HVC”, which was chosen for SIGGRAPH 2002 Electronic Theater. Nick began his professional career at Lucasfilm as a postvis artist and compositor. He then went on to design hundreds of shots for Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in collaboration with the other founders of The Third Floor.  Based on his Lucasfilm experience, Nick was chosen to previs War of the Worlds and helped Steven Spielberg meet the very tight deadline. After that he traveled to Australia to work on the previs for Ghost Rider.  Nick has been an integral part of The Third Floor, working on and supervising teams for many high profile projects.

Select Credits:
Unbroken (Supervisor)
Ninja Turtles (Supervisor)
Iron Man 3 (Supervisor)
Oblivion (Supervisor)
The Avengers (Supervisor)
Jack the Giant Slayer (Supervisor)
Iron Man 2 (Supervisor)
Cloverfield (Supervisor)


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