Lina Kouznetsova

Visualization Supervisor

Lina has been at THE THIRD FLOOR for almost 2 years, most recently as a Supervisor in direct contact with clients, directors and editors, leading a team of 10-15 artists.  Lina most enjoys helping our clients stories along through shot creation, camera work, sequence development, animation and lighting, taking it from the initial storyboard to what the final direction might look like. Before she came to TTF, Lina was working in 3D animation, with experience in VFX, TV, Commercials, self-directed work and Games. Lina enjoys putting sequences together and working out the ideas, angles and gags to tell a story, while collaborating with teams across different departments.

Select Credits:
Marvel’s Doctor Strange (Lead)
Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Animator)
Warner Bros In The Heart Of The Sea (Animator)


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