Marcus Alexander

Managing Director, TTFL

Visual effects and post supervisor Marcus Alexander has joined the company as Executive Director, London. Alexander’s background combining visual effects supervision, post-production management and fast-paced film deliverables will provide key insights as new collaborative workflows and technologies continue to emerge. 

In 2010 Alexander made the career leap to focus on the client side of VFX and Stereo Supervising. During this lengthy career path Alexander racked up some extremely notable film credits including Venom, Jumanji, Aquaman, Godzilla, Suicide Squad and many more.

He has also lent his skills as a cinematographer, visual effects supervisor, stereographic designer and visual effects editor to multiple productions — from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader to Wrath of The Titans

Select credits-

Venom, Stereo Supervisor

Jumanji, Stereo Supervisor

Aquaman, Stereo Supervisor

Meg, Stereo Supervisor

Suicide Squad, Stereo Supervisor

 Wrath of The Titans,  Post Stereographer/ Stereographic Producer

Flower, VFX Supervisor

The Cleansing Hour, VFX Supervisor


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