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The MCU’s resident marksman and expert archer teams up with young Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, as a figure from Clint Barton’s past emerges and threatens to derail far more than the festive spirit. See the entire series on Disney+!

The Third Floor LA worked across the project, creating previs and postvis as the showmakers planned shots and visualized scenes during pre-production and after filming.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop

(Hero stance of Marvel archers Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in previs by The Third Floor. © 2021 MARVEL)

The visualization process focused on representing the vision for the storytelling and supported planning for a wide scope of stage filming, location work, stunts and visual effects. Some of these scenes included the battle of New York flashback (Episode 1), Manhattan Bridge chase (Episode 2), the fight in the Christmas Tree lot (Episode 5), Kate battling Kingpin (Episode 6) and the final battle in New York (Episode 6) where the larger showdown is interspersed with multiple simultaneous fights.

Throughout, key story elements – arrows, CG cars, weapons and props, were depicted together with the photography to help progressively visualize action and composition.  Postvis was also used to help represent environments and backgrounds in the interim within bluescreen or sound stage plates. 



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