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The King’s Man

01.25.2022 — Categories: , , ,

As World War I ravages onward, a secret organization of criminal masterminds colludes to secure control of the world. Fighting against the odds and famed Russian Medicine Man Rasputin, The Duke of Oxford leads Kingsman, an independent intelligence agency, in an effort to stop the global takeover. Working in concert with VFX supervisor Angus Bickerton, The Third Floor visualized multiple sequences for this action-filled prequel.

Previs helped develop shot ideas and layouts, focusing on storytelling as well as practicalities for filming across a swath of historical settings and events. In keeping with the movie’s themes, The Third Floor previs artists collaborated to explore exciting coverage from parachute drops to U-boat torpedo attacks. Techvis was produced to visualize camera moves and placements in context of the shoot. This was particularly used by production in realizing location and reference plates for an aerial time lapse over a raging battlefield.

“This shot is a big helicopter timelapse over the battlefield with the environment becoming more destroyed as the war carries on. We techvized the same camera move over two locations so that battlefield and helicopter plates shot in different spots could be used seamlessly,” mentioned Visualization Supervisor Jason Wen, THE THIRD FLOOR LONDON. “We also used our virtual tools to make sure the sun’s angle would match up for both locations.”

Artists in Moven motion capture suits accelerated the previs animation for several sequences. The team also built a custom crowd generation rig to quickly depict believable army clashes in the previs pass.


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