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Jungle Cruise

08.04.2021 — Categories: , ,

Embark on an adventure down river in Disney’s feature movie Jungle Cruise! The Third Floor contributed to multiple sequences across the film — from its opening logo intro to boat chases to look dev and animation blocking of the cursed conquistadors.

The visualization process provided the filmmakers the ability to explore and make choices interactively in their previs using a virtual camera and a game controller. Visualization was also used to lay out arcs of action in postvis based on plate photography and the editorial cut.

Both in previs and postvis, work included representing the director’s vision for how visual elements from curse effects to giant trees to myriad animals played in the shots. The third act takes place in a massive set piece, with various action beats throughout the environment. The Third Floor collaborated with the VFX team to establish the design, then mapping out the entire layout with the director.

The Third Floor was also called upon to help with visualization and execution of a timelapse sequence. The choreographed scene involved a moving crane shot on one of the characters as the time passed around them. The Third Floor used virtual production to inform the motion control shoots via previs and techvis, guiding the capturing of 31 elements that would go into the final VFX composite.

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