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For All Mankind Season 2

03.03.2021 — Categories: , ,

The race for space continues! Following work on For All Mankind Season 1, THE THIRD FLOOR was back on board for Season 2 to support the alternative-history space exploration series. THE THIRD FLOOR LA collaborated with show Visual Effects Supervisor Jay Redd, the Art Department, and multiple episode Directors to visualize and help plan numerous flight and fight scenes in pre-production. Artists also assisted during post to visualize set and background extensions and provided techvis where needed.

“We visualized scenes with the show team in each episode that had significant CG and/or needed extensive planning,” noted Visualization Supervisor and THE THIRD FLOOR Co-founder Barry Howell. “Launch sequences, space travel and docking scenes, aerial dogfights, establishing shots, sequences on or over the lunar surface, and extensive work in and around the Moon Base. We worked to illustrate their ideas for storytelling and assisted in developing effective shooting approaches that helped them keep to a very tight shoot schedule. Once the lockdown happened, we assisted editorial by providing footage that allowed them to create placeholders until shooting was able to resume. Probably one of the coolest things about being on the show was being able to walk through the Moon Base on the way to lunch everyday. Seeing them transform a soundstage floor to a completely enclosed living and breathing set with working screens, knobs and switches blew our minds on a daily basis and reminded us how lucky we were to be a part of such an amazing show!”

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