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The One and Only Ivan

08.14.2020 — Categories: , ,

Based on the true tale of a gorilla that was freed to a zoo after spending years in a shopping mall, The One and Only Ivan (Walt Disney Pictures) brings the heartwarming cinematic story to Disney+.  Collaborating with VFX Supervisor Nick Davis, THE THIRD FLOOR London created previs and postvis to help evolve storytelling performances and comedic gags in the film

THE THIRD FLOOR’s work included developing scenes and character moments as the audience first meets Ivan and the other main characters, and visualizing major mayhem for a huge sequence of action taking place throughout a mall.

“One of the challenges to our visualization work on Ivan was creating creature animation in our previs for a range of animals that was expressive and believable to the point of being able to hold long takes without the aid of elaborate camera work. This was a welcome challenge  to focus on the detail and nuance we could bring out for the characters in previs,” recalled Visualization Supervisor Dave Edwardz.

“Previs and postvis by our team was used to complete cuts for multiple test screenings,” he continued.  “We were able to provide high-quality content and hit notes quickly while also matching the photographic look of earlier previs that had been rendered in game engine.”

Meet Ivan and his friends, streaming now on Disney+!



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