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Virtual Visualization Series – Virtual Production

06.03.2020 — Categories: , ,

In the previous installment of our Virtual Visualization Series, we saw how filmmakers are using VR headsets and tablets to enhance set designs and explore distant locations from the comfort of their homes. In this issue, we’re zooming out to see how the entire Virtual Production process works hand in hand with all the traditional crafts that make live-action production possible.

Virtual Production was born out of the need to connect real sets and performances to their virtual counterparts. Pioneers in Virtual Production, such as Robert Zemeckis and James Cameron, conceived of films that simply could not have been made without this magical connection. As the Virtual Production process has evolved and become more standardized and accessible, many more “non-visual-effects-driven” productions are using these techniques to realize their visions with precision.

And now that COVID is forcing all producers to reconsider location shooting and on-set safety protocols, Virtual Production seems even more essential than ever before. Visualization can not only help you plan what’s on camera but can also help orchestrate the arrangement of crew members behind the camera. With Virtual Production, it’s even possible to remote control lighting, environments, and complex camera moves with crew members in separate rooms, or even while in another city or country. Socially distanced filmmaking may be what’s required to insolate talent and production teams from this immediate crisis, but these virtual protocols also give us a glimpse of the limitless future of Virtual Production-enabled content creation.

We invite you to screen the following video, which takes us through ways in which filmmakers are leveraging Virtual Production for logistical efficiencies and creative intent.

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