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Apex Legends Season 5 Trailer

05.12.2020 — Categories: , ,

Team based, battle royale shooter, Apex Legends dives into its anticipated season 5 with a new cinematic trailer, fully previs’d by THE THIRD FLOOR INC.

For this season’s trailer, TTF worked with creative directors, David Lawson and Lisha Tan, to implement motion capture technology. TTF supervisor Mitch Gonzalez used the motion capture tech to block out main actors and explore various stunt ideas.

“Ultimately, doing the motion capture shoot expedited everything story related, as well as helped the client plan for their final’s motion capture shoot. The Director was literally calling their final’s prop guy in the volume saying, “we need this… for the day of the shoot.” Having the ability to come up with stunt ideas and work them out in the volume prior to testing it in previs was incredibly beneficial… a lot of time was saved for the client using this type of efficient workflow, which also helped us achieve a higher quality end product,” Gonzalez remarked. “One of the best decisions we made was to bring on the Stunt Coordinator early on during the previs process, having him be a part of the rough motion capture shoot.”    

You can drop into season 5 of Apex Legends on May 12th.

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