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IT Chapter Two

09.06.2019 — Categories: ,

The Losers’ Club’s worst nightmare floats back into Derry with the return of Pennywise. From multi-dimensional mirrors and super-sized balloons to giant creepy crawlers, THE THIRD FLOOR LA collaborated with Director Andy Muschietti and VFX Supervisor Nick Brooks in the making of IT Chapter Two (Warner Bros.).

With a small team and rapid turnarounds, TTF mapped out selected shots, working mostly on the third act. Maximizing the shooting stage space, TTF skillfully visualized supernatural horror that had the feel of a vast cavernous environment featuring one massive, terrifying creature. TTF Previs Supervisor Jason Thielen says, “It was great to work on a movie in the horror genre, since we don’t get to do that much. We got to explore darker lighting and the trickiest part technically dealt with the logistics of the final sequence.”  Postvis Supervisor Jordan Biziou also notes, “For postvis, we worked very closely with VFX Supervisor Nick Brooks as well as the director, Andy Muschietti, primarily on the very creepy and disturbing third act.  Andy and Nick were a delight to work with and had wonderful ideas we were able to help them flesh out.”

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