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Captain Marvel

03.15.2019 — Categories: , , ,

Discover what makes a (her)o as the Marvel Cinematic Universe unleashes one of its most powerful characters, Captain Marvel. THE THIRD FLOOR LA worked closely with Visual Effects Supervisor Chris Townsend and directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck on Captain Marvel (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) to help realize compelling action and imagery for Marvel’s first female-led film. TTF’s team, led by supervisors Shannon Justison and Heather Flynn, provided visualization for thrilling sequences across the film.

Notes Justison, “One of our primary goals during early previs was to ensure physically accurate environments and shot design so that the shoot could be achieved practically, even if that meant building out huge swaths of 90’s Los Angeles. We worked closely with the locations and art department to ensure that our work reflected their latest plans, with the previs often serving as proof of concept for the designs. For scenes with substantial CG imagery, such as the space battle finale, previs provided a blueprint for the final visual effects. As we transitioned into post, our work focused on supporting the development of the edit, while also exploring new concepts pitched by the directors.”



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