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Alita: Battle Angel

02.14.2019 — Categories: , ,

Fantastic new worlds meet visionary production techniques in the new sci-fi adventure Alita: Battle Angel. Collaborating with Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Hollander and Director Robert Rodriguez, THE THIRD FLOOR LA contributed previs, techvis, and virtual art department work. TTF supervisors led the team to visualize extraordinary scenes in this live-action manga adaptation.

Previs and techvis supported realization of opening shots in the dumping grounds of Zalem, action-packed Underworld Battle, Ambush Alley, Motorball Chase scenes and closing dramatic moments in the film. TTF mapped out complex designs for The Chase scene environment, provided overviews of staging for character and camera placements and visualized designs for weapons and props.

“The previs was used to help work out the action, as well as tech requirements for the shoot,” said TTF supervisor Austin Bonang. “Since the film was almost completely CGI, it was critical to visualize what it would look like to film virtual characters within virtual environments.  We also incorporated Lightstorm Entertainment motion capture technology in our previs pipeline, which worked really well and allowed for very realistic animation in the previs shots.”


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