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Venom, the first film in Sony’s Marvel Universe, adjunct to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, made its symbiotic debut as the #1 movie in the world on its opening weekend. Visualization Supervisors Javier Lopez-Duprey, Brad Blackbourn, and Jourdan Biziou collaborated with the filmmakers to help develop and plan action-packed sequences such as the Atrium Fight, Eddie’s Bike Chase, and the Third Act epic final battle between Venom and Riot.

Biziou explains some of the key uses for previs on the project: “Previs was used to help the director and visual effects supervisors plan how to shoot many visual effects heavy shots featuring mainly fully CG characters. In addition to supporting this practical planning, we also created previs to flesh out ideas from the director to communicate them to studio executives for a green light.”

Lopez-Duprey also notes some unique challenges and differences on this superhero production, making it a one-of-a-kind experience: “We had a very high degree of freedom on this project to develop and pitch creative ideas. This was an amazing exercise for everyone on the team – to come up with concepts and ideas, often working from animatics or storyboard illustrations. Another interesting aspect compared to other movies in the comics world, was that the story of Venom featured Symbiote characters that are able to adapt and change shape.  As such, you never really see Venom do the same thing twice so we had to consider that throughout our visualizations. It was an absolute pleasure to work in the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters with everyone in the team and with our artists at The Third Floor.  Everyone on this project were legitimate fans of the IP as well!” 



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