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Christopher Robin

08.03.2018 — Categories: , , ,


THE THIRD FLOOR ventured to the Hundred Acre Wood for Christopher Robin (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) by contributing previs, postvis, storyboards and virtual camera/production support.  Classic previs by THE THIRD FLOOR’s team, led by Previs Creative Supervisor Joshua Wassung and Previs Supervisors Martin Chamney and Greg Rizzi, was developed with director Marc Forster prior to shooting to help depict the vision for storytelling, animation and set designs.  The previs, done in both London and Los Angeles, also helped inform staging and camera angles for the movie’s many shots combining live actors and CGI versions of beloved Winnie the Pooh characters.  Illustrations by Bruce Morris and the THE THIRD FLOOR’s in-house storyboard team rounded out the visualization work.

THE THIRD FLOOR hosted virtual camera sessions in its L.A. virtual production studio, where director Forster and Director of Photography Matthias Koenigswieser explored witness scenes and camera passes in real time using previs environments and hero previs action.  In postvis, THE THIRD FLOOR’s Postvis Supervisor Suzanne Cipolletti and Postvis Lead Scott Hankel laid out, blocked and developed looks, working closely with Visual Effects Supervisor Chris

topher Lawrence, Animation Supervisor Michael Eames and Editor Matt Chesse, along with the director, also originating previs for new shots.



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