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Thor: Ragnarok

11.21.2017 — Categories: , , ,

Hammer Time!

Marking it’s third Thor movie and 13th Marvel theatrical collaboration since 2010, THE THIRD FLOOR was a key contributor to Thor: Ragnarok, providing a mix of previs, techvis, postvis and virtual production for key scenes throughout the film. Shannon Justison led the previs team in visualizing multiple sequences with director Taika Waititi and visual effects supervisor Jake Morrison, including the opening on Muspelheim, bifrost escape and finale bridge fight. Almost every scene required postvis — from the seminal Hulk vs Thor fight to the bridge battle to adding Hela’s iconic, all-digital headdress shot to shot. THE THIRD FLOOR virtual production supervisor Casey Schatz also helped design production workflows to bring the acting performances for Korg and Hulk from motion capture to CG characters as live comps.



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