Roger Liu

Previs Supervisor

2013 VES Award Nominee for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography, Marvels’ The Avengers

After graduating from Sheridan College in Canada, Roger Liu began his animation career in the games industry at Lucas Arts.  After cutting his teeth on many popular game franchises such as Monkey Island and the Harry Potter game series, Roger enjoyed a career in television and feature films working as an animator. After joining the Third Floor, Roger found a great respect and love for the art of previs and visual storytelling. His skills as a supervisor, generalist and artist helped him achieve a great deal of respect and admiration for his work which culminated into being nominated for a VES award for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography for his work on Marvel’s The Avengers.  Having contributed to many Hollywood blockbusters and working with numerous A-list directors such as Joss Whedon, Bryan Singer and Tarsem Singh, Roger still continues to focus on his craft and revels in being challenged to achieve great cinematic moments for all to enjoy.

Select Credits:
The Jungle Book
The Avengers: The Age of Ultron
Maze Runner (Co-Supervisor) 
Thor: The Dark World
X-Men: First Class (Previs Supervisor) 
The Smurfs
Alice in Wonderland


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