Kaya Jabar

Head of Development /
Virtual Production Supervisor

Kaya has been at THE THIRD FLOOR for nearly 3 years. She started her career in games, working on cinematics and animation systems. Kaya worked closely with level designers and programmers to implement and direct cut scene content for “KIllzone:Mercenary” as well as design animation systems and direct motion capture shoots.  She then moved onto working for Frontier Developments, where she designed and animated multiple creature enclosures on ‘Zoo Tycoon’ .

The highlight of her time at TTF so far has been her contribution as Motion Control Supervisor for the 7th season of Game of Thrones. She loves being able to flesh out ideas and carry them over to realistic shooting scenarios, evaluating available equipment and coming up with new configurations to achieve ‘impossible’ shots.

If Kaya could be a film character, she would be Wolverine (of course!)


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