Faraz Hameed

Visualization Supervisor

Faraz Hameed has previs credits on over 20 major feature films in which he has supervised and created previs. His strength comes from understanding the storytelling process and being flexible to the needs of the director and production – often going over and above the requirements of VFX and previs to help deliver a film. He has worked with Christopher Nolan (Dark Night Rises), Peter Jackson & Steven Spielberg (Tin Tin – Secrets of the Unicorn), and Tim Burton (Sweeny Todd), to name just a few.

Select Credits:
Marvel’s Doctor Strange (Previs Supe)
Interstellar (Previs Supe)
The Dark Knight Rises (Previs Supe)
The Dark Knight (Previs Supe)
District 9 (Previs lead)
X-Men: First Class (Previs Supe)


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