Brian Leake

Head of Interactive

Brian Leake has been in the interactive and games industry for over 20 years. Brian began programming at age 11; in college he produced his first video game with a friend, published for Atari and Commodore platforms.

Throughout 1990s Brian worked in R&D at Viacom in Chicago, conceptualizing interactive technologies for MTV and Nickelodeon in addition to working directly on a number of game titles. At Namco in San Jose he helped build internal technology capabilities that delivered hit products for PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox platforms including Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary and Dead to Rights.

Brian then joined Vivendi Games in Los Angeles, working on globally recognized franchises such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. He provided technology leadership across the studio organization, building development capabilities to deliver major titles such as Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Conspiracy and World in Conflict.

At The Walt Disney Company, Brian helped build infrastructure and capabilities across the internal game studios to deliver titles such as TRON, Disney Epic Mickey, and Toy Story 3.  Brian also provided direct support to external games teams, and sat on the Technology Strategy Board in support of global strategy for TWDC.

In 2013, Brian got hands-on at start-up Muti Labs, managing the development team to deliver an online collectible card game for phone and tablet devices. He joined The Third Floor in 2016.


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