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Avengers: Infinity War

04.27.2018 — Categories: , ,

THE THIRD FLOOR joined filmmakers at Marvel Studios as the dedicated visualization team for Avengers: Infinity War. Artists, headed by THE THIRD FLOOR’s Gerardo Ramirez, produced more than 3,000 previs and 3,000 postvis shots, helping brainstorm creative ideas, map out story flow and depict key action with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Visual Effects Supervisor Dan Deleeuw and Editor Jeff Ford.

While work focused on the movie’s climactic fights and massive battles, THE THIRD FLOOR was also called on to visualize character-focused emotional moments. Through techvis, THE THIRD FLOOR contributed wide-ranging shooting diagrams, time-of-day studies and camera schematics to support production. The team additionally created robust previs and postvis pipelines with motion capture that allowed shots to be quickly populated with realistic performances and stunts.



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